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Preferring NOT preaching sober partying in support of better mental health in dance music.


BELIEVE Tuesdays are a brand new set of sober parties and events in the UK designed to support and raise awareness of better mental health in the dance music industry.

Our team has extensive experience across multi-generations and genres of the dance music scene. From the commercial highs to the chemical lows, as promoters, DJs and party people – from acid house, to sober house.

This is our house and you’re all welcome.



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Be the first to know about BELIEVE parties and events.

By submitting this form, you consent to BELIEVE collecting your name and email address. Details will never be passed to a 3rd party and will only be used to share information about BELIEVE events. Full details of our privacy policy can be found here

BELIEVE in our team

We've been there, seen it and done it.


Kai is the brainchild behind ABODE, one of the biggest electronic clubbing brands in Europe with huge events across the UK, festivals in London, Southampton and Malta and a residency at one of the most famous venues on the planet, Amnesia Ibiza. In 2020 ABODE will go global and Kai is also set to launch a unique festival experience in Africa, literally taking his hugely successful parties to the world-wide stage.

Kai has lived with ADHD all his life which remained undiagnosed until recently, has an autistic non-verbal son and has battled severe depression as a result of the cocaine-fuelled promoter lifestyle he became used to and just a few weeks ago (May 2019) at the height of his success with ABODE, he was having suicidal thoughts.

Nearly a year on (to date) his life has transformed and his commitment to support the people who come to his parties, the DJs and people who work for him and other promoters he works with, is unprecedented. He has used his influence online to share a very public journey of sobriety which has already saved lives and it’s Kai, his experience and his belief in the elements that have changed his life - nutrition, fitness and people - that is the driving force behind BELIEVE.


Raised in a record shop in London in the 70s and 80s, Emily was surrounded by musicians, DJs and excess from day one. She hit her teens at the back end of acid house and as the rave scene exploded in the UK and immersed herself in everything that came with it. From illegal parties, to the biggest raves in the UK, from intimate festivals around the world to the mosts infamous clubs in the UK and in the mid 90s and in her on-going quest to party, she moved to Tenerife where ‘every night was a Saturday night’.

Four years later, she returned to the UK and built a successful career in media, which escalated quickly while she continued to party hard - then in 2008, a major car crash forced her to re-evaluate her life.

She now lives a peaceful life in Ibiza, with her Drum n Bass DJ partner and brings a unique, cross-generation perspective and passion for the party-people. Those, like her, that have partied hard for years and have experienced the impact that has on family and friends as well as the inevitable heart-ache, tragedy and loss that comes with such a prolonged and extensive period of excess.

Emily is currently producing the Blackmarket Records documentary, working with the BBC and ABODE in Uganda, documenting the journey of 4 young local DJs and is part of the writing team for the feature film adaption of the best-selling auto-biography, Passport to Hell.


He established the UK super parties SWANKYS, PARAVANA and CandyPants and lapped up everything that came with it - drugs, women and notoriety. 8 years in and Anth’s life took a complete handbrake turn. The constant come downs and hangovers had now manifested in to suicidal depression so he put his successful businesses on hold and went travelling. Only this time, instead of loading himself with excess on the usual party trips to Ibiza and Miami he loaded up with spiritual books and went in search of alternative life experiences.

He lived with Buddhist monks in Ashrams in the Himalayas, stayed in communities in Costa rica and Cambodia and stopped the drinking. After just three months of sobriety and living in healing communities around the world, his drive and ambitions changed completely.

9 years on he is now recognised as a healing entertainment specialist, regularly running retreats and healing experiences around the world and has combined his expertise in parties and events with his biggest passion of health and healing to create the successful sober parties, Rise and Shine. He transformed the iconic Es Vive in Ibiza into a healing hotel for 5 days and bought a plot of land in Portugal which he transformed into a retreat to support a lifestyle which helps and heals people on a profound level, whilst being fun and entertaining too.


His incredible career started in 1985 at his local boozer in Harrow, before the emergence of Acid House in the late 80s brought residences at ZigZag, FUBAR and Up Yer Ronson as well as numerous gigs at super clubs including Ministry of Sound, Turnmills and Miss Moneypenny’s and several appearances on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix. Brandon cemented his ‘superstar DJ’ status alongside Alex P on the legendary terrace at Space, Ibiza in the 90s.

In 1996, his party lifestyle took its toll and given just weeks to live, he entered a detox facility.

In 2010, after an incredible journey of self-discovery, he joined Drug and Alcohol charity, Blenheim CDP as a volunteer before taking on an extremely difficult job as a project worker for the NHS, working with people who have multiple complex needs.

He is a qualified Life Coach, City * Guilds in Health and Social Care Level 3, Mental Health First Aider, SMART Recovery Trainer, Stress Management Trainer and a Goal Mapping Practitioner, has launched his ‘Happy Days for Everyone’ project, focused on making subtle changes to beliefs, behaviours and incorrect thinking and is part of the ‘Tuned Out’ team, a new support group at The Ministry club, they also run well being areas at festivals under the Banner Tent Talks…..

He has a hugely popular radio show with Ricky Morrison on Mi-Soul and continues to DJ around the world, 23 years after it was suggested he stays clear of music and night clubs forever. His mission now is to take the awareness of mental health to new levels and continue to collaborate with the extraordinary people he meets every day. The wonderful journey continues.


It was the second summer of love and the first appearance of a host (later known as MC) on the dance music stage.

Dave Redhead, better known as MC Chalkie White, was at the emergence of acid house in the UK and in 1989, in his desire to know who was playing when, he started introducing DJs at legendary scene-setting parties including Biology, Energy and Genesis. Hosting soon became MC-ing and Chalkie White, the original.

As ecstasy fuelled the scene, Chalkie held back focusing on his fast-growing MC career. At the end of ’89 curiosity got the better of him and what started out as a few recreational ‘E’s soon became a destructive full-time crack habit.

Chalkie’s journey is one of devastating addiction, spells in and out of prison, a significant impact on family and friends and 20 years on the streets.

In December 2015, 26 years after his first ‘E’, he got clean and slowly and surely started to rebuild bridges and his career soon followed. He has now returned to his MC’ing roots and is responsible for hosting parties across the UK and Europe including Moondance, Labyrinth, Slip Back in Time and the record-breaking Raver-Tots and bigger than this quest to re-build his career is his quest to use his experiences to help others.


For 17 years, Ian was your typical ‘London Insurance’ suit with high profile clients like Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce. Making good money, he could offset the stressful work environment and five-hour commute, with evenings and weekends spent socialising, drinking and eating out, before returning home to his young family and pretending that everything was as it looked.

Then one day a couple of years ago he was on a flight back home and out of nowhere, he broke down. Ian quickly realised that he was suffering from severe loneliness. Though often surrounded by colleagues, friends and family he felt unable to connect with anyone. Something had to change, so he took time out and went on a mental health first aid course.

He trained up and started splitting his time between his regular job and mental health initiatives. Then, finally in October 2018 he become a full-time mental health instructor with We Are Hummingbird and soon after, as full-time director he developed the We Are Hummingbird health side of the business, with his core offer of mental health first aid training and suicide prevention.

We Are Hummingbird Health are still at the beginning of their story, but they are committed to going places other mental health campaigns will not and that might now be the one thing that makes all the difference.


Charlotte was your typical party-hungry, festival loving, care-free teenager. Partying as much as possible, as far as possible until one day, completely out the blue, she was driving to Fabric and thought she was having a heart attack.

She pulled over, called an ambulance and when the paramedics arrived they confirmed she was having a panic attack. Life would never be the same again. Over the next 3 months, anxiety led to depression which led to intense Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) and Thanatophobia (an overwhelming fear of death). Family and friends had never heard of anyone suffering in the way she was so were unable to help. Finally, she found the right therapist and eventually, in time, was able to leave the house again but the anxiety had now become a part of normal life for Charlotte.

In 2015 Charlotte moved to Ibiza and hit the party scene again, harder than ever. After an ayahuasca retreat, a near death experience caused by drugs, a car crash and months of sleep paralysis and demons, she was too scared to take drugs anymore and became tee-total in March 2016. Ibiza had also introduced Charlotte to a more spiritual way of thinking and was the enabler to her discovering her talent as an artist.

She spent the next few summers working on art production for big clubs and parties in Ibiza including Jamie Jones 'Paradise' at the famous, DC10 and in November 2018, after a life-changing trip to Uganda, she discovered her love for painting people.

Her unique portrait style led to her first ever art-exhibition in Soho, London in December 2019 and huge acclaim in the music press. It was one of the busiest events the venue had ever seen. Charlotte now lives in Barcelona where she continues to develop her incredible talent for portrait painting and is busy preparing for her next exhibition.


Personal trainer Kev’s story is one of numerous relapses, driven by tragedy which first struck at just 6 years old when his 3 year old brother died. Whilst struggling to come to terms with that, his learning difficulties were dismissed at school, meaning he was classed as disruptive. Too embarrassed to ask for help, he was excluded from secondary school and transferred to a ‘unit’ where he first started smoking weed.

In 2005 his best mate was killed on a moped in Kos. Kev stayed on the island and masked his pain with drink and drugs. Over the next 5 years the pain grew and so did the amount of drugs Kev was taking until a 4-day Ibiza ‘bender’ resulted in his body shutting down altogether. He survived, moved back to Manchester and was soon partying hard again when another 3-day bender put him back in hospital, which led him to his first attempt at sobriety.

2015 he returned to Ibiza, sober. Soon after his Uncle killed himself and another relapse followed. Back in the UK he met a PT who suggested a government funded training course. Kev worked hard, passed and began teaching classes at a local gym. His reputation, as well his class sizes, soared.

A successful year passed, festival season approached and so did the next relapse. An injury forced Kev out of action and the fitness he so desperately needed to help maintain his mental health and he was soon medicating with coke. On Patricks Day in 2019 he joined AA.

He now has a strong client base, has been sober for just over a year (his longest spell of sobriety) and is an advocate of the key part fitness plays in improving mental well-being. He is living proof after all.


DJ-ing in night clubs at 16 was the perfect start to adult life - free alcohol, notoriety, VIP tables, woman and drugs. Little did he know this is what he would use for the next 18 years to try to fill a hole in his soul. What started as a bit of fun with friends, quickly showed its ugly head and by 19 Ross was isolating and using on his own. The amount he could, and would, consume was frightening. After a gig, he would have a ‘blow-out’ that would last for days - on his own. He’d often end up in a room, holding his breath and hiding in the dark. Partying at weekends soon became week days having a nice party for one for as long as he could.

Finally, 14 years later, at 30, he visited the 12 step fellowship for the first time. A decision he soon recognised as saving his life. However, Ross wasn’t ready to stop using and the levels he was now using at soon spiralled out of control. He thought he was going to die but he just couldn’t stop. He was surrounded by loving friends and family but didn’t think they’d understand. Why would they? He couldn’t understand himself why he was doing the things he was doing and using the amounts he was using.

At 34 he walked back to that same meeting - finally, he’d been beaten in to a state where he was ready to listen and ask for help. The date was Monday 22nd September 2014 and he has been sober ever since. Since getting clean Ross has DJ’d all over the world and played at some of the UK’s biggest festivals including We Are FSTVL, Standon Calling, Back of Beyond and Wilkstock.

Ross takes his recovery incredibly seriously and helping other addicts to get clean is a fundamental part of that. He knows he will be an addict for the rest of his life and he’s not ashamed how low his using took him, as today he is a free man taking his recovery one day at a time.


BELIEVE Tuesdays are working in partnership with mental health organisation We Are Hummingbird to support family, friends, strangers or other organisations and charities trying to make a difference.

We are not mental health experts so we have taken advice from We Are Hummingbird and laid out some helpful links for you if you are ever in need of help and advice or just need someone to talk to.